Journey Interrupted

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Schedule a Screening


We encourage you to take advantage of inviting the ‘Coming Out’ Ministries team to share this film with a youth group, church service, in a classroom setting or as a tool to reach out to the community. We share this beautiful journey with all denominations. We are all God’s children. 

We’ll customize your experience with ‘Coming Out’ Ministries, which includes a “Question and Answer” period following the film, opening up faith conversations that have been long overdue. It’s a blessing for us to participate in these discussions. We share from God’s Word and from our experience… having been there. We have been commissioned with sharing God’s “love in truth” message through the power of His gospel, demonstrating His love and compassion.

Each of us have additional presentations that can accompany any screening. You can schedule us for one event or over multiple days providing engaging seminars.

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