Journey Interrupted

Journey Interrupted


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We’re all on a journey. Where’s your journey taking you? Have you ever been dead set in one direction when—suddenly and unexpectedly—it was interrupted? That’s what happened to each of us in ‘Coming Out’ Ministries.


Journey Interrupted is a film demonstrating the power of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. Each of us had someone praying for us, and viewers will see the interruption that took place in our personal journeys because of it. Each of us arrived at a place where we were open to the influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

All of us—Mike, Ron, Wayne and Danielle—want to share our journey with you in the hopes that you also will experience divine intervention in your life. Listen to our grace-filled stories and see how God personalized His love for each of us.


Every human life matters to Jesus Christ. Every one of us is loved beyond comprehension. We don’t always feel it, but we can know the compassion of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. We are all the subjects of His mercy and grace. This is a story about love, from the Author of love Himself.


Journey Interrupted is a visionary piece relevant to the challenges everyone faces today. All God’s children experience struggles. Our struggles have been of a sexual nature; yours may be of a different nature. Through Jesus Christ, we have come to know that transformation is possible. It’s an ongoing experience, and in our journey, we’ve discovered that there is truly joy in Jesus through a logical and Biblical understanding of God’s plan for our lives.


In the great debate that rages over issues of sexual identity, there are voices that never seem to get a hearing, important stories that never get told. In Journey Interrupted, you will finally have the chance to hear a few of those voices–and you will find a prescription for hope that will dare you to believe that God has not abandoned you. This important film is refreshingly transparent, deeply honest. It may just prove to be the first step you take towards a much better tomorrow. You’ve heard people say, ‘it gets better.’ This will show you that it can.

To quote Journey Interrupted: you matter, you belong, and you are loved.
— Shawn Boonstra, Speaker/Director of Voice of Prophecy